Industry Leading Services

Hitachi’s support services provide unmatched benefits, while minimizing the total cost of ownership. As your preferred partner Hitachi provides valuable services prior to your purchase including market assessment and site planning support, and once you are begin installation of your Hitachi product we provide you with installation assistance and marketing support. Finally, once your equipment is installed you can expect unlimited applications, service, and marketing support for you equipment and your staff. All this backed by the industry leading 99% uptime guarantee.

During installation and rigging, Hitachi will coordinate all activities as well as provide rigging assistance. We will work with you, your contractor and architect to assure your final installation will meet all electrical and environmental requirements as well as go through a final construction and installation checklist.

Construction assistance

Our site planning department will create an initial site planning drawing that can be used by your architect as a basis for overall design.

Rigging assistance

A qualified member of your Hitachi service team will be assigned to your project to facilitate a smooth delivery.


Once our experienced team installs your system, backed by our network of regional and national technical support groups, your system will be tuned and calibrated to meet product performance specifications.

Hitachi gives you a great deal of help and support with applications to ensure you get the most out of your MR & CT systems. Our training is thorough, yet concise; we also make sure your technologists keep current with the latest developments and enhancements.

On-site MR & CT Applications Training

One week of initial training in the following areas:

  • System overview and safety
  • Scanning principles
  • Dose reduction features
  • Image and data management

Follow-up Applications Training

  • After initial applications, training visits provided in 6-12 weeks.
  • Additional visits throughout the warranty period at the user’s request

Applications Helpline

  • Available for contract customers
  • Dedicated Helpline from 8AM to 9PM EST, M-F

HITS (Hitachi Institute for Technologists)

No charge to Hitachi customers with existing Service Agreements

  • Corporate HQ training for MR & CT technologists
  • ASRT Continuing Education Credit
  • Prepares technologists for on-site applications

Hitachi Applications Specialists provides an independent review of your images prior to submission to help ensure basic image quality and adherence to parameter guidelines.

Site Accreditation (MR & CT)

  • Supports ACR, IAC and TJC accreditation processes
  • Provide an Accreditation Guidebook
  • Support phantom data collection
  • Advice on all aspects of the accreditation programs

Hitachi Field Service Engineers

  • Assists in collecting technical equipment performance data
  • Assists with phantom testing as required by the accrediting body
  • Assists 3rd party specialist or consultants as necessary

Hitachi Applications Specialists

  • Experienced with MRI and CT Accreditation programs and Hitachi products
  • Available for consultation and advice on accreditation programs

At Hitachi, we take great pride in our 99% uptime guarantee, which assures you of superior reliability, continuous applications assistance and technical support.

Systematic Preventive Maintenance Program - 99% Uptime Performance

  • Immediate response nationwide
  • Hitachi trained service engineers
  • After-hours preventative maintenance available
  • Maintained specified system performance for accreditation Software updates

Sentinel Remote Monitoring – Keeps your systems available and optimized

  • Fast problem identification and resolution
  • 24/7 critical system monitoring
  • Data sharing with Hitachi Customer Support Team
  • High security and privacy

Sentinel Service Support

  • Continuously monitors key systems
  • Detects problems and automatically notifies Hitachi Service

Sentinel Applications Support

  • Look at the same images you are looking at in real time
  • Take the controls (with your permission) and assist you real-time

The Hitachi Advanced Marketing Program provides our customers strategic level creative marketing design at no cost. Many hospitals and imaging centers have taken advantage of this industry unique added-value.

The basic marketing support package provides you an ample supply of product marketing literature to begin your marketing campaign. These materials can also be branded/customized with your logo and PMS colors.

The Advanced Marketing Program provides strategic level creative marketing design unique to a facilities branding campaign. This level of support includes a strategic marketing briefing session with HMSA Marketing Communications and the facilities marketing staff. All marketing material will be created in compliance with the facilities logo, PMS colors and branding guidelines.

  • Print Advertisement Design
  • Billboard Design
  • Custom Mailer Design
  • Referring Physician Marketing
  • Promotion Web Banner Design for Your Website
  • Digital Patient Information Downloads
  • Patient Marketing Promotions

We are also able to supply your marketing team with product photos, videos, and logos so you are able to create your own artwork.

Click here to view some examples of our AMP projects we have worked on.