Musculoskeletal Capabilities That Matter

Open architecture and the industry’s widest patient table afford comfortable positioning at iso-center for all anatomy. Oasis provides a flexible and robust platform with high-resolution scanning and uniform fat suppression for MSK imaging.

  • opFSE provides high clarity and sharp images with superb edge detail for all fast spin echo acquisitions
  • Fast and effective metal artifact reduction techniques with primeFSE and FatSep
  • Detailed cartilage assessment with T2 RelaxMap, Water Excitation and ADAGE
  • Isotropic volume imaging with isoFSE to visualize challenging structures

Metal artifact reduction

Comprehensive user selectable fat suppression

All Around RADAR
Motion compensation in a
variety of tissue contrasts

T2 RelaxMap
Comprehensive cartilage assessment

Isotropic scans with high resolution reformats in any plane

Combined echoes for superb
cartilage and fluid differentiation